Summer Work Program



“Elements services have prepared me for the future and getting ready for the real world.”

-Laufasa, Elements Student

Elements for Success

Elements for Success is an established school-to-career/college transition assistance program focused on developing academic, leadership, and vocational skills for JUHSD students who have barriers to completing high school and finding a job. Our purpose is to provide a variety of services where students can build a solid foundation of vocational skills and transition successfully to post-secondary educational opportunities.

    Teens participate in a variety of activities including:
  • Workshops on job searching, job retention, life skills, and career exploration
  • Service Learning and Mentoring Group (SLAM), which includes community service activities
  • Annual Summer Work Program
  • Individual vocational counseling for high school seniors
  • Field trips focused on character development and exploring various work industries
  • Assistance with enrollment in post-secondary program and college
The Elements for Success program provides services that increase the social and economic mobility of each participant. The participants have significant barriers to their success including poor academic achievement, truancy, specific learning disabilities, teen pregnancy, or lack of family support.

Staff enjoys getting to know each of our students and shares common values of other DCYHC staff such as integrity, openness, trust, accountability, fairness, humility, respect and collaboration. Each staff member is committed to educate and empower our youth to realize their potential and discover their own path to success.

Job Readiness Workshops

One of the key services Elements for Success offers during a weekly basis in the academic school year, are Job Readiness workshops. The workshops are designed to improve the vocational skills of high school students who have minimal work and job searching experience. Through role plays, classroom discussion, and various activities the following topics are covered: job application, resumes, interviewing, communication, career exploration, college options, team work, and other relevant topics. Currently workshops take place at Jefferson and Westmoor High Schools.

Summer Work Program

For more than 10 years, Elements for Success has provided J.U.H.S.D. teens a chance to build a foundation of vocational skills. Elements was first created in 2002 with the beginning of our most popular program element; the Summer Work Program.

Each summer, 15-20 part time positions are created so, participants can work six to eight weeks during the months of June-August. The subsidized work experience program provided Daly City community based organizations and businesses an opportunity to work with a teen and teach them basic job skills.
    Past work sites include:
  • Bayshore Child Care Services
  • City of Daly City: Library and Recreation Department
  • City of Daly City Public Works Department.
  • Sizzler
  • Pho Garden
  • Hope Lutheran Preschool
  • Hampton Inn
  • TJ Maxx
  • Westmoor High School

Service Learning and Mentoring Group (S.L.A.M.)

Once Elements for Success staff began working with teens on how to be work world ready, we realized there were many program participants who had no volunteer experience and lacked basic skills that would ensure that they could keep a job. The Service Learning and Mentoring Group fondly referred to as S.L.A.M. was created so teens could work as a team to build their work skills and help the community by volunteering.

For 5 months of the school year the S.L.A.M. group meets on a monthly basis to volunteer at a community based organization that could use our help. After each volunteer event, there is an afterschool meeting where we talk about the utilized skills and how it can be applied to various work settings. Elements staff also mentor each S.L.A.M. participant through the 5-month commitment so they have the support to show up on time and develop their transferrable skills.
    Past volunteer sites include:
  • San Francisco Food Bank
  • City of Daly City: Library and Recreation Department
  • Shelter Network
  • Curry Senior Center
  • Streetside Stories
  • Daly City Peninsula Partnership events
  • City of Daly City: Library and Recreation Department
  • Pacifica School Volunteers events