Daly City Youth Health Center provides safe, respectful, comprehensive health services
to underserved teens and young adults, preparing them for a healthy adulthood.

  • We believe access to healthcare is a right of every person.
  • We value diversity and respect differences.
  • We offer the highest quality services and work toward continual improvement.
  • We believe teens and young adults are resilient and capable of making positive, informed decisions.
  • We provide safe, respectful, non-judgmental and confidential services in a safe, welcoming and warm environment
  • We empower clients with knowledge and help them gain confidence to advocate for themselves.
  • We provide client-centered, compassionate care and build meaningful connections and relationships.
  • We value partnerships and collaboration with each other, the community and our youth.
  • We believe that what we do can make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of the teens and young adults we serve.